A hands free way of promoting your Ezi Net Income business

I know that sometimes it's hard to slip in the chore of promoting your business into a tight timetable. I also know that maybe you feel that you just can't promote successfully at all.

If either of those points are your particular circumstance then the Ezi Net Income Traffic Co- op is designed for you.

For the small sum of $5.50 per month you will receive:

500 hjits to your Ezi Net Income Splash Page plus 1,000 banner Impressions of your Ezi Net Income Banner, both of which are encoded with your affiliate username displayed across the Internet's Top Manual Traffic Exchanges.

Your banners will be stand alone impressions, displayed across arguably the Top 10 Traffic Exchanges, whereas your Slash Page will be show in over 100 plus Traffic Exchanges, including the Top 10 above.

Every month that I receive your $5.50 Traffic Co-op subscription payment membership, I will increase the amount of impressions of these banners by 1,000. So in the second month you will receive 2,000 banners, the 3rd month 3,000 impressions etc right up to your 10th month, where you will receive 10,000 banner impressions.

From month 11 onwards, you will receive 5,000 banner impressions for each month that your consecutive subscriptions are received.

The table below shows how this works:


Month New Impressions per month Total Cumulative Received
1 1,000 1,000
2 2,000 3,000
3 3,000 6,000
4 4,000 10,000
5 5,000 15,000
6 6,000 21,000
7 7,000 28,000
8 8,000 36,000
9 9,000 45,000
10 10,000 55,000
11 5,000 60,000
12 5,000 65,000


So at the end of 12 months, you would have received 65,000 banner impressions, shown across the Internets top Manual Traffic Exchanges and Viral Mailers, all advertising your Ezi Net Income business.


Pay for your Traffic Co-op by clicking on any one of the buttons below

Clicking on any of the buttons above will set up a 30 day recurring monthly subscription of $5.50, which you are free to cancel at anytime.

Full statistics of the hits to your Ezi Net Income Splash Page and the Banner Impressions used and clicked on can be found in your Ezi Net Income Member's Area under the Stats Link.